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NUAMES – An Early College High School

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What is an early college? NUAMES is ... (explain what an early college is). It is a national standard. Students who graduate here are far more successful – sending something with verbiage.

Early college scholarship where we pay high-education tuition while they are at NUAMES.

NUAMES believes all education has value, but we focus on the education that has immediate economic impact in a digitally advanced society.

Kelli Booth, NUAMES Executive Director

Graduation Rates + Stats


Graduation rate for the last 10 years


Sophomores who graduate with university credit


Percentage of students who graduate with High Honors

A mandate from the Governor's office.

NUAMES started as a mandate from the Utah State Governor’s office, not just the State Office of Education.

NUAMES is honored to have participated in many exciting firsts in the STEM and charter school world! We were the first Platinum STEM school in Utah, one of the first charter schools in Utah, and the second STEM high school in Utah.