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Our Teachers are Best in State

Time-Proven and Tested Faculty

Our "secret sauce" is our teachers—kids come for the reputation, they stay for the teachers.

Kelli Booth
NUAMES Executive Director

Our faculty is time-proven and tested. We maintain a high faculty retention rate, especially during COVID. Our teachers were voted Best in Utah by Niche (Andrea to send more. NUAMES was voted the Best Employer in Utah from ??? magazine.

Highest Accreditation Score

For accreditation last year, NUAMES teachers had no levels of insufficiency and no levels of needed improvement. You might have to be an educator to understand how high this score is. Andrea can send score. 

On the Educational Quality Index, an accreditor who came and has been accrediting schools & colleges for 25 years, said it is the highest score he has ever seen. 

That is why it comes back to the teachers—it is really about the classroom experience.