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Driver's Education

Welcome to Driver's Education at NUAMES. This page should give you all of the information that you need to complete the Driver's Ed Program and be on your way to your Utah Drivers License.

Davin Lembke

Davin Lembke

Spanish, Driver Ed Coordinator

Davin Lembke

Nic Moreno

Nic Moreno

Engineering, Driver Ed Coordinator

Nic Moreno

Driver Education Information

Students are eligible to receive a driving learner permit the moment they turn 15 years old. See the information below about learner permits, classroom instruction, fees, behind the wheel driving and road test. 

Current Fee Schedule

Regular Semester Class (Fall or Spring): $165
Summer Class (or outside reg. 8 period schedule): $250

Instruction Schedule

Classroom Instruction (Semester Course)Behind the Wheel (BTW) Instruction

Online course delivered via Canvas: 30 hour minimum (includes 4+ hrs for Street Smart Simulator)

100% completion of "Street Smarts" Road Simulator Required prior to driving with road instructor**

Attendance recorded through Canvas logins/activity and assignment completions.

Time Est: 5 hours BTW and 6+ hours of observation in the Driver Ed. Vehicle (with Instructor** and multiple students)

Parent Involvement: ZERO Fatalities Parent Night, 40 hr. driving (Utah DLD requirement), other course assignments

Road Test completed after BTW with NUAMES  instructor.

Note: Test sessions may have multiple students in vehicle

80% minimum required to fulfill DLD license requirement.

  • Earning H.S. Credit requires 60% minimum, but will not qualify for a Driver’s License
  • Final written exam (in class) must pass with minimum of 80%

**Instructor will contact the students regarding BTW and Road Test times.