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Partnership with Weber State University

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What are Concurrent Enrollment classes?

Concurrent Enrollment classes are college level courses taught by NUAMES instructions who are certified by the college to teach it. Our number of concurrent enrollment classes is large. And at 1:23, our student-to-teacher class size ratio is very low compared to other high schools.

In Utah, NUAMES was a pilot school for Concurrent Enrollment courses; we were the first school in the state of Utah to pilot a first year experience concurrent enrollment course. Other high schools are following our lead.

Earn your Associates degree.

Our students can get their associates degree 100% at NUAMES. In fact, over 50% of our graduating class get their associate degree a month before their high school diploma.

If a student does not want to get an associates degree, they can do certificate of completion.

Do NUAMES students have to attend college?

NUAMES will prepare students for college and a career—whether they are 19, 25 or older when they decide to go to college, they’ll be prepared. We spent a lot of time on meaningful planning that reflects the interest of the student. 

Specific early college advisors to help map out college during NUAMES and beyond. At 1:250, our counselor-to-student ratio is very low compared to other high schools.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate from NUAMES, students are required to complete two years of engineering, four years of math, and four years of science.